How to spy on your competitors content strategy and find gaps you can exploit

Writing content and targeting the right keywords is always a difficult battle. Now In Article Insights the fight got just a bit easier as we are happy to announce the arrival of the “Competitors” report tab. With a simple quick glance you can see: Who your competitors are What keywords they are focusing on What … Read more

What is an AI content generator?

AI content generator Creating content for websites or blogs (and the followup link building) takes a lot of time. If after all this your content was not indexed by search engines effectively the post would be considered wasted effort. We can use AI to help us write content faster. From full blown computer only generated … Read more

7 other usages of keyword tools besides just for keyword research

Keyword Testing Tool This is the tool for day-to-day test automation efforts for keywords. Each line of data in a keyword script includes a keyword that tells the framework what to do with the test data. It is important to have a keyword testing to know the position of it on the search engine results … Read more

Great and powerful content to get more engagement

How to generate content for website? Search engines love content, and frequently updated content is even more attractive. It is important that you provide a nice compelling content that people would want to see and read. They keep coming back to your site once they love your content which is good for SEO strategy. People … Read more

How to build links to your content

Every time we create our blog, we usually put links to reference pages for further information about our business. Sometimes we give credits to those people whom we think have related content on what we have to acknowledge their posts. Those links may have good feedback and great impact for our business. Google may easily find your … Read more

How to write a bad-ass piece of content using Article Insights

This article is inspired by the post on moz, [Case Study] How We Ranked #1 for a High-Volume Keyword in Under 3 Months. The original post suggests a very step-by-step and detailed process for researching, writing and even promoting an article. Article Insights can shortcut the amount of time you need to research and write an article … Read more

Toolbars, duplicate content and social sharing – How do they affect rankings?

Alexa Toolbar Using this tool, you will learn all links associated by your website. The highest ranking links can be used to optimized you pages will improve your website’s pagerank. In addition, its also more convenient for you when you write your content to easily go at the top of your screen on your menu bar and … Read more

The importance of formatting and linking your content

Formal writing consist of several formats and its the writers decision of how they put them in the proper position. The traditional writing has its way of putting  those characters depending on its use. However, in the form of writing content over the internet, there are some ways that still adopt to put on a website … Read more

OnPage SEO Domination – How hard keywords work in your content.

In the web where internet is evolving so fast like a real world, so many websites were built and competition on businesses spread so wide, optimization on every page is the solution to dominate over other competitors. OnPage Domination does everything if you know the proper ways of how to do it. Google and other search engines rely on your … Read more