Toolbars, duplicate content and social sharing – How do they affect rankings?


Alexa Toolbar

Using this tool, you will learn all links associated by your website. The highest ranking links can be used to optimized you pages will improve your website’s pagerank. In addition, its also more convenient for you when you write your content to easily go at the top of your screen on your menu bar and it helps you get the list of related links in just click.

Google toolbar is also useful on your SEO ranking. It has a PageRank indicator that increases chances of finding your website and is building authority in your niche.

Duplicate Content

When we hear of a word duplicate, definitely thats two things sharing one identity. Duplicate content is having a content similar to another. Search engine is not allowing this and google gives penalty to the website that has being caught of duplication by losing. It also can lose your websites ranking.

Why do we need to talk about duplicate content?

A lot of people still doing this practice beacuse they believe somehow this help their rankings easily drives traffic even though theyn will face consequences.

Supplimental index

In the early years of Google, duplicates truly is not allowing by search engine. However its not causing them to be pnealized right away. They were just being placed as a second class. That means these pages are not totally omitted by search engines. After few years, google bring back these second class pages to the main index list of search engine. The consequences is that, people can see these pages with warning message at the top of each page.

Crawl Budget

Google uses spiders to crawl websites to be shown on search engine. There is a budget allocation for all the pages being crawled and if google hits the maximum count of pages in a day, the page which you want to be indexed cannot be crawled anymore.

Indexation Cap

It is normal that not all pages is indexed and google only prioritize those pages that are important in your website or those that are properly optimized. In some cases some duplicated content or with similar content pages are index because google sees the similarities of them and not the quality. Don’t worry about that, as long as you know your quality and you follow rules in SEO.

Penalty debate

There are debate before about whether or not duplicate content has penalty. We used to believe that once our website ranks well, we are doing good in SEO, no matter what strategies we are using. Then, if we noticed that our website is no longer appears on search engine page results, and we know that we are having duplicate content, that’s the time you need to think about. Are you being penalized by Google?

Panda Update

In the early Panda days around 2011, duplicate content can only harm its page. It become worse than ever. It made duplicate content affects its entire pages on the website. That is extreme beacuse you may lose rank or even stop ranking. As people become curious about this problem, they have discover how to fix this.

404 Error Page Not Found  and 301 Redirect

Use to hide content and not being crawled by google


You can put this if you still want your readers to see your content but not seen by google.

Social Sharing Buttons

Social Media has an important role in your business nowadays. There are several social media buttons that you can put on each page of the website. These helps to easily link your page to different social media sites which will help the business to boost traffic.

In wordpress, there are different plugins that can be install. Your content will be able to share to over 100 social sites and among them are facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus and a lot more.

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