How much time does it take?

Sites Load Up Time

Time is Gold and nobody can stop it. As a business you don’t want your customers to wait for so long just to take their orders. Your website needs to load within the period time so people won’t get tired of waiting. Most of people has lack of patience and they don’t want to waste their time waiting for website to load if they have option to go to other websites which they also give them what they are looking for. Properly optimizing website’s design will keep people on coming back.

How will you know your site’s load up time

Whenever you are testing or checking the ability of your website, you always need the tools to be used. Even though you can do it manually, you need to make sure that it is accurate using the tools. Checking the accuracy of your website’s load up can be done with the right tool you can use online like “Website Speed test”. It allows you to enter up to 10 websites and the results display the size of the website, the total loading time and the average speed per KB.

Write for USERS first, and ENGINE second

To whom do you write content for? Are you thinking of your users? Do they benefit from your website? Or you just thinking of having highest ranks? Actually it needs both, why? Because having your website for your users and making them get into your website will keep your ranking in the search engine. Before you can get your ranking on search engine, users made a lot of visits to your website. So, you need to create a quality content to your users first, and search engine will follow.

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