Long Tail Keyword 101


How do you decide what content to write about or what the content on your site should be?


Which keywords?

Normally we aim for keywords that have lots of search traffic behind it.
We can find this out by using something free like the Google Keyword Planner tool.

Good keywords = High traffic keyword?

This is not always the case. Why?

  • More competition
  • Harder to rank
  • Requires more resources (money, time etc)

So what’s the answer?

Create content that targets low competition – low search traffic keywords.

What you loose in traffic potential you make up with targeting more keywords.

These “long tail keywords” are awesome because:

  • Easier to rank for
  • A lot of people search using unique “long tail search phrases”

In fact,

15 percent of searches we see every day are new

According to Google:

Why use long tail keywords?

  • Cheaper to target
  • Lots of traffic from many different sources
  • Less links required to start ranking
  • Your content will be more focussed. Leading to customers with stronger intent to purchase.
  • Easier to write about “dog training for puppies” than a generic keyword like “dog training”.