How to create a remarkable content?

Content is king, yes everyone agrees to that. You should make your content rule the search engines with your proper keywords. Your website can be easily tracked by search engines if your content has its quality and benefited to your target audiences. How do you know when it’s time to edit your content? Memorable content … Read more

Performance improvements. 10s to 3s load time.

A round of performance improvements have been made to decrease the time it takes to load the Article Insights app. Previously. App size = 455kb Now App size = 266kb Load times from 10s+ to as quick as 3 secs. What does this mean? It means the Chrome plugin loads almost instantaneously and is ready … Read more

How much time does it take?

Sites Load Up Time Time is Gold and nobody can stop it. As a business you don’t want your customers to wait for so long just to take their orders. Your website needs to load within the period time so people won’t get tired of waiting. Most of people has lack of patience and they … Read more