2018 November Changelog – Small tweaks

Some changes for Article Insights. Handle keywords with 'of' in the middle correctly. Article Insights removes stopwords like the,of etc. This use to break keywords that actually form a group together. Take for

Site Audit – Now BETA. Try it Free.

Is your content SEO optimized? Article Insights will tell you if it is or not and how to fix it. Introducing Site Audit Scan your top pages (using data from Google Analytics) Run

Introducing yearly plans

You can now buy Article Insights in both monthly or yearly packages. If you do opt for a yearly package, you get 1 month free saving you a little bit more

[closed beta] Chrome plugin update

The Article Insights Chrome plugin is now ready for closed beta testing. The plugin currently supports WordPress editors and google documents. Once the plugin is installed it appears as a toolbar. Inside WordPress: Google

Friday chrome plugin dev log

Work on the chrome plugin continues. There are 2 parts to the plugin that are being worked on. Showing top 25 terms inline Ability to open article insights in an embedded