Get ready to go keywords for your next content project

You just started a new site, or you want to increase the amount of free traffic to your website.

The first thing everyone tells you to do is, “pick a keyword”

This is the easy step.

The hardest part is then to pick the 2nd keyword, the 3rd keyword etc.

What keywords come next?

Did you know that Google offer you a ready to use list of keyword eg search phrase suggestions?

For example if you type dog training, you will get a list of related search queries appearing under the search bar.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use that when picking keywords to write about?

Each of those suggestions makes a great article keyword!

Article Insights Keyword Suggest

It was such a great idea, that the same feature has been added to Article Insights.

Now when you type in a keyword, you also get back a list of related keywords you can start targeting straight away.

This is a super easy this way to start getting the ball rolling on your content creation.

All you need is a seed keyword!

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