[closed beta] Chrome plugin update

The Article Insights Chrome plugin is now ready for closed beta testing. The plugin currently supports WordPress editors and google documents. Once the plugin is installed it appears as a toolbar. Inside WordPress: Google Docs Support for individual editors will be added as requested. Word usage tracking The toolbar will read the content in your … Read more

Article canvas + Term grouping update!

2 big updates for Article Insights. Multiple articles You can open multiple keyword tabs and each one will have its own article canvas space. In previous versions, it was global so each tab would share the same topics and sentences. Its now individual so you can work on multiple open keywords at once. As requested, … Read more

1 simple UI update to make your life easier

The first new year update for Article Insights. The old settings popup window has been removed and all the settings are visible directly under the text box. That way you know to change the region/language if you are analysing content in another language. A simple change, however a step in the right direction for everyone. … Read more

Article Insights Version 2 is here

Article Insights Version 2 is now live and available for all users Find out what’s new. Article Performance The biggest most obvious addition is the article performance score. Your article is rated on 4 measures. Words. Have at least 300 words. Keywords. Use all 25 top keywords. Readability. Measured using Flesch. Uniqueness. Your content is … Read more