Article Insights Version 2 is here

Article Insights Version 2 is now live and available for all users Find out what’s new. Article Performance The biggest most obvious addition is the article performance score. Your article is rated on 4 measures. Words. Have at least 300 words. Keywords. Use all 25 top keywords. Readability. Measured using Flesch. Uniqueness. Your content is … Read more

Article Insights Version 2 Announced!

Version 2 is dropping in… [countdown_timer style=”2″ end_date=”2016/12/20 15:11:24 GMT +7″ redirect_url=”” years_text=”Years” years_text_singular=”Year” months_text=”Months” months_text_singular=”Month” days_text=”Days” days_text_singular=”Day” hours_text=”Hours” hours_text_singular=”Hour” minutes_text=”Minutes” minutes_text_singular=”Minute” seconds_text=”Seconds” seconds_text_singular=”Second”][/countdown_timer] Until then… here are some sneak peeks! I’m sure you guys are gonna love it. This is one by special request! Watch this space!