Article Insights Version 2 is here

Article Insights Version 2 is now live and available for all users

Find out what’s new.


Article Performance

The biggest most obvious addition is the article performance score.

Your article is rated on 4 measures.

  1. Words. Have at least 300 words.
  2. Keywords. Use all 25 top keywords.
  3. Readability. Measured using Flesch.
  4. Uniqueness. Your content is compared to known sentences.

Each measure contributes a certain amount to your article score out of 100.

Uniqueness is the most important, so its weighted a bit more than the other measures.

Readability is weighted the least.

This means an article that isn’t readable but is unique, will get a higher score than an article that is highly readable but not unique.

If you want an explanation of these measurements you can hover over each heading.

You can click on “Show me how to optimize” to get a simple step by step explanation of how to get your article up to 100.

Custom Keyword Tracking

The most important keywords to have in your article appears to the right of the article performance tracker.

Its still the same, but most notably, the optimization percentage setting has been removed. (I didn’t see anyone use it). The default is 5%. Which is very generous.

If you click on “…” to customize the keywords you want to target, you now have the option of entering your own keywords.

Just enter your new keyword and press enter to add it.

To remove a keyword, just click on it.

The other suggested keywords (175 in total) appear at the bottom. Just click on it to add it for tracking.


  • Raised the maximum cap of how many sentences of researched is saved by 50%. More research means that the tool can find more topics, discover more keywords and track your content for uniqueness over more sources.
  • New logo
  • Performance tweaks, now tasks should start instantly. Compared to the first initial release, keywords now analyze very quickly.

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