1 simple UI update to make your life easier

The first new year update for Article Insights. The old settings popup window has been removed and all the settings are visible directly under the text box. That way you know to change the region/language if you are analysing content in another language. A simple change, however a step in the right direction for everyone. … Read more

Don’t get lost. Super onboarding to get you writing your first optimized article

Using a new application can be difficult. The worse offenders are ones with buttons that feature an acronym with no help text. Leaves your head wondering… what does this button do again? See mystery meat navigation. I¬†work hard to ensure you can understand how to use the tool with no training required. Here are some … Read more

User Experience Tweaks

Article Insights now sports a new updated look to help turn the slightly drab clinical white to something more appealing… and usable. Main page background Added blue background. Now if you click “get started” it will bring you to projects screen or login screen. If you are a new user you can signup for trial … Read more