How to quickly rewrite Spanish articles using Article Insights

Re-writing articles can be a chore, but you can use the Article Insights re-writer to help you find synonyms and suggestions. If you are using Article Insights to research and write Spanish content, you will be pleased to know that we have added a Spanish Dictionary. To use the re-writer, just click on the “Re-writer” button … Read more

How to get new article ideas?

How to get new article ideas? Writing articles must come up with bright and engaging ideas. Finding good ideas for your articles can make your post more appealing on the eyes of the readers. An easy way to directly identify your article angle is to find out the idea of what you’ll be writing. How would you … Read more

How to write a bad-ass piece of content using Article Insights

This article is inspired by the post on moz, [Case Study] How We Ranked #1 for a High-Volume Keyword in Under 3 Months. The original post suggests a very step-by-step and detailed process for researching, writing and even promoting an article. Article Insights can shortcut the amount of time you need to research and write an article … Read more

WIP – A chrome plugin for Article Insights

  Coming soon! A chrome plugin for Article Insights so that you can get keyword and article topic advice where ever you type. Here is a quick teaser screenshot. Article Insights keyword advice information is displayed automatically for you right under your wordpress editor! No need to do your writing and optimizing on two different … Read more

How do I make my article unique?

As you add content to your article, Article Insights will compare what you have written to content in already knows about on the internet. Doing this it can calculate how unique your article is. Any content that matches its known list of sentences will be highlighted in the duplicate tab. The sentence online is displayed … Read more

Article canvas + Term grouping update!

2 big updates for Article Insights. Multiple articles You can open multiple keyword tabs and each one will have its own article canvas space. In previous versions, it was global so each tab would share the same topics and sentences. Its now individual so you can work on multiple open keywords at once. As requested, … Read more