What is the difference between a blog post and an article?

Blog post or Article?

It is important that we make a good content for our website.

We often search for specific topic which can help in our blogging. However as we prioritize our content we never realize that we are making some difference in blog versus article.

Sometimes when are writing we do not recognize which one is which. As we are applying the SEO guide to write the content for our page we do not notice that we are making them similar with one another. Here are the factors we need to be aware of.


Usually blogs are written using “I” and “me”. Those are in possessive manner. Unlike article which talks about “you, your” that indicates in general. They don’t express any individual or personality but always have an authoritative tone.


An article usually consist of 500-1000 words while a blog post about 300-500 words. Most people just go on browsing over blog posts, but take more time on an article


Articles are factual documents and informative. They based more on facts and statistics. While blog posts are based on writer’s opinion, which are supported by facts and statistical information.


Reading an article is like getting information from a professional and authoritative figure. Reading a blog post is like talking to a fellow or closest friend. It gives you information from their own experiences.


Articles aren’t expected to be read regularly because they are scheduled about once or twice a week unlike blog post which are kept up-to-date regularly depending on bloggers.

Articles are usually published about once or twice a week, just like they would be in a weekly paper or magazine.  Blog posts are kept up-to-date regularly, sometimes even daily depending on the blogger.  Articles aren’t expected to be read as frequently.


Some bloggers may consider their blog posts as articles even though they are containing more of themselves’ thoughts and opinions. They need to know how to differentiate the two so its clear to them how readers will appreciate their content.

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