What is the difference between Content Marketing & SEO?

We often compare content marketing and SEO in business.

Content marketing is a way on how will be able to share your content to your target audience. It can also be in social media or other web 2.0 sites. People doing strategy for content marketing are very patient. They rely their success on people’s views and shares. The longer reach you have, the larger volume of traffic you will have.

What about SEO? Create your content with the right keywords. Having your content being found on Google is very hard. You can only do this by publishing on a highly authoritative site where content will naturally rank. Example of this is sharing your post on facebook groups in the same niche. SEO is the process of optimizing your website so people can found it on search engines.

Content marketing and SEO must come together.

They can be used at the same time to achieve your goal of being on top of Google. When creating your website it is important that it is properly optimized to be easily found in search engines. However, in content marketing, you cannot publish or share your website content to other social media platforms if they aren’t optimized.

If your website cannot be found on search engines, it will be hard for social media platforms to drive traffic in it.

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