How important is an SEO audit?

It is important that when you are starting your business, keyword research is the first you should not miss. Especially if you are planning to create your website content, this is the major factor on every strategy to find the right tool on the web. However the excessive use of keywords may not good for your … Read more

What is the difference between Content Marketing & SEO?

We often compare content marketing and SEO in business. Content marketing is a way on how will be able to share your content to your target audience. It can also be in social media or other web 2.0 sites. People doing strategy for content marketing are very patient. They rely their success on people’s views and shares. … Read more

What if SEO is being automated?

What happen if SEO is being automated? Search engine optimization is an extreme part of user intent which includes keyword research, competitor analyses and more. Nowadays while Google’s algorithms keep on changing and upgrading its marketing strategies, it is necessary to spend time to SEO and social media marketing. Based on research, it is still … Read more

Techniques which make your website more visible to search engines

SEO Tips for Beginners SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization in which your website and its content is being optimized for a better results in google. Your business website is being indexed by the search engines and can provide searchers with the most relevant results based on their search terms. These listings are known as organic … Read more

3 simple but effective SEO tips to get you started

3 Basic SEO Tips Having your business and making it shown in search engines is not as easy as everybody thinks. Attracting people to your website has gone a lot of efforts and money to make it done. Search engine optimization is the process every business owner is practicing to make their business gain target visitors. … Read more