How to get the attention of the world wide web?

How do sites get millions of page views?

Do you think most business owners are spending their money and efforts to get the ROI they are expecting?

Is it possible for a new brand to be seen and heard by millions of users over the internet?

Yes and yes. Here is how SEO works in your website. Your business’ website can have a great and quality content that people can find it very interesting.

You can put all the images and graphics to be able to attract people’s attention and stay longer on your site. However, it is all nonsense if you don’t optimize it and cannot being tracked by the search engines.

Your website needs SEO or have someone to work it for you. Time, money and effort would be the foundation to help your business achieve the expected ROI.

SEO is the process of making your website being seen on google in a search engine friendly way. It is not a one time process but a continuous effort to focus on. It is better to take time to be ranked on top of the list than not being seen forever.

Search engine optimization has two pillars.


It has to do with your content, title tags, metadata, headline, URL structure and page speed. OnPage SEO mostly is about the onsite page of your website. Using the proper keywords and setting them in the right position will help your website rank on top of the search engine list.


Your website cannot get the right rankings without promoting it. It also cannot be tracked if you do not do the onpage first. These two pillars must come together for better rankings and faster results. OffPage SEO is more about sharing your quality content to other forums and communities. Promoting your page to other social media platforms within your niche. You must know your category so you can be on the right track. It is important to know your niche so only people with the same category and intention would see your brand and possibly share it because they would find it helpful.

6 Steps to Search Engine Optimization Mastery

Keyword Strategy – You need to figure out which keywords to use in your content before creating it.

Content Strategy – Content is king and your website will not exist without it. Create the most compelling content that will make it on top of the list.

SEO friendly code – Create an HTML sitemap for your site and submit it to Google search console. Use the proper tags throughout your content and make it SEO friendly.

Usability and UX – User signals dont have a direct impact on rankings. They signal to search engines that a site is of a higher quality.

Demonstrating authority and credibility – Credibility means trust. If people doesn’t trust your site, there is no way for them to even try visiting your page.

Maintaining SEO awareness – Know every detail about SEO. It is not a one and done deal. It needs patience and efforts to make it truly done.

SEO is a marketing service that touches every piece of the natural web such as Content marketing, organic promotion and social media.
  • In-depth SEO technical site audit
    Most important at first is a technical analysis of your website to get full understanding of what is going on.
  • Social media optimization service
    Without social media fine-tuned and structured correctly, your website rankings are going nowhere.
  • Custom copy-writing on key landing pages
  • Google Maps and local optimizations
    If you’re a local business, you need all of the necessary citations, directories and local listings to get your business listed on Google Maps.

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