You must have keywords in these places to rank!

Keyword locations required to rank

Proper keywords is essential for your website content and putting those in the right place is like making your business in the list of the top successful business out there. Imagine if you have your brand and you do not know where to properly arranged and placed your keywords. It is better for it not to be existed anymore. Your website cannot be find in any other search engines at all. You are just wasting your time and money so why keep it.

Page ranking is very important for your website and it needs some high quality sites to link back to it. With the related keywords that most searchers are typing in, it is possible that your website can be found by bloggers and reach out to you.

How do you figure out our keyword research?

Here are the tools to help you

Digital Tracker Keyword Suggestions – Digital Tracker is absolutely invaluable. It gives you a list of keywords to be used for your next articles.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool – It displays how many times a certain keyword has being searched for in a period of time. It shows all related terms for the given keyword.

Google Keyword Tool – This tool generates potential keywords for your campaigns. Google statistics reports web traffic like its performance and seasonal trends and it tracks all related keywords for your ad.

Here is how to put the keywords in the proper place and why is it important in your SEO strategy.

  • Title Tag – It is a great place to where to put the keywords. Search engine is easily grab the titles to be listed in search results and it is displayed as the clickable headline.
  • Headline – It is the first part most readers are giving attention to. Some people are just scanning the pages in the search results without them digging inside the content. They usually click on the post, once they found the terms they are searching for.
  • Content – Its always the quality written content that matters. Put all the keywords in it and this will say everything your page means. Never let your readers just click and go on your website. Let them see the information they need that make them coming back.

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