SEO for dummies, beginner SEO in 60 seconds

Beginner SEO in 60 seconds.

2 kinds of primary keywords

Short Tail Keywords – Single term keywords and also considered as primary keywords. Mostly, these are the keywords you want to be present in your domain and is often the first to search by people.

Long Tail Keywords – These are made up to three keywords which make a keyword phrase. They are more descriptive to the other. It works well if combined to short tail keywords.

Long tail keywords can also include longer phrases and are more specific to the interest of someone who is searching. This is the kind of phrase where someone is searching for something straight to his interest. Usually people would ask and waiting for the specific answer.

All the money is in proper keyword research.

Your Simple SEO Guide:

In this article you can understand the basics of SEO, what to include in Headers, Tag Lines and Single tags. Another thing is the Site Map within Google Search Console.

H1 Heading – This may be a post or page title but this definitely referring to the Blog, Website or Title of av Video. Include the primary search phrases in the H1 Heading if you wish your site to rank for. This is about 15 – 65 characters that is being favored by Google. It is necessary to keep the H1 Heading within 60 Characters long. This is the ideal length of the title that usually appear at the top of Google Search Result pages. Make it easy to read and to remember because this is considered as the most important tag for it contains the targeted keywords.

H2 Heading – Usually it is the Blog Post Title and the desired search phrases and keywords need to occupy this Heading. It is a subheading to the H1 and contains similar keywords.

The Site Map Description – The Blog Site Map is absolutely important, and you simply install the Plugin “Google XML Site Maps” (Only for WordPress Blogs… recommended). This will create a Blog Site Map that Google will use to find all the content on your site easily.

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