Headings Research – Get even more article and topic ideas

Article Insights now gives you headings research. The tool will find and collect all H1, H2, H3 headings and subheadings it finds in content. Headings research You can find headings research from the menu button located at the top of the screen.   By clicking on this button you get a window popup with all … Read more

The problem with article spinners & why article rewriting software doesn’t work

Article re-writers, ie article spinners are programs that re-write existing content automatically to make it unique. There are a lot of them, a quick Google search will show many programs (some even free). How do they work? At a very basic level, article re writers work by replacing words or phrases with an equivalent word … Read more

How to cure writers block with simple Article Insights

One of the most important aspects of having a strong online presence is giving your readers content, lots of quality content. Content creation, inbound marketing and content marketing are all names for more or less the same idea. Entice visitors with content and convert them to customers by helping or teaching them something new. This … Read more

How to improve article titles using this awesome tool (#free)

Generating clickable article titles is difficult. But, why is having a good title important? For Google Article titles are super important because it’s the first thing readers will notice in the search listings… eg You can rank well for a term, but if your title sucks you lower its potential to drive real human traffic to your … Read more