How do automatic content generation tools work?

How do automatic content generation tools work Content marketing is one of the fastest strategies every business owner needs to understand in order to achieve the potential ROI. No matter how small or big the business is, we need to create, write a very nice and compelling content. Knowing your brand’s category is another thing … Read more

How do robots work?

What are robots and what are the role in SEO? Creating a robots file controls the spiders to crawl over your pages. It instructs the bots of what file or folder it can only view so if you have some pages you don’t want being indexed by the search engines, put them inside the robots.txt … Read more

OnPage SEO Domination – How hard keywords work in your content.

In the web where internet is evolving so fast like a real world, so many websites were built and competition on businesses spread so wide, optimization on every page is the solution to dominate over other competitors. OnPage Domination does everything if you know the proper ways of how to do it. Google and other search engines rely on your … Read more

The problem with article spinners & why article rewriting software doesn’t work

Article re-writers, ie article spinners are programs that re-write existing content automatically to make it unique. There are a lot of them, a quick Google search will show many programs (some even free). How do they work? At a very basic level, article re writers work by replacing words or phrases with an equivalent word … Read more