How to find and target hidden keywords for better content

Have you tried Article Insights yet? (Get a free trial here) If you have, you will have noticed its main purpose is to help you uncover keyword opportunities. But how exactly can you use these keywords? Build a keyword portfolio You can’t target all the keywords you find, but you can create a running list of … Read more

What in the heck are negative keywords?

Negative keywords comes from PPC where bidding on keywords meant saving money by not bidding on undesirable keywords. Similarly, as you optimize your content with the right keyword research, finding negative keywords for your article has similar purpose. Negative keywords can actually lower your overall conversion costs, help you increase your CTR, show quality score and … Read more

What keywords do I rank for?

Keyword is the most important element you can put in your content to make it powerful and drive traffic. Your website will show up close to the top of the search results, and for some, it will be several pages deep of the list. Enter the keywords that you want to rank for, and use … Read more

OnPage SEO Domination – How hard keywords work in your content.

In the web where internet is evolving so fast like a real world, so many websites were built and competition on businesses spread so wide, optimization on every page is the solution to dominate over other competitors. OnPage Domination does everything if you know the proper ways of how to do it. Google and other search engines rely on your … Read more

What is the difference between keywords & latent terms?

Everybody knows that before you jump on a new site and start writing, you should do some keyword research. Once you got your list of keywords, you should start filtering, grouping and sorting that keyword dump into a manageable list that you can use to kick start your content marketing strategy. For a long time, Article … Read more

What is LSI and how does Google use it?

If you want to rank for anything in Google you need content. The most important thing is to target one main keyword for each article you will write. Main keywords are important. However, Google also considers the other words on your page! Related keywords, ie semantically related words = latent semantic indexing or LSI for … Read more

#Writing Hack# Group related keywords & write using article topics

The first step to improve the relevancy of your next article is to use MORE relevant keywords in the article. Armed with a list of relevant keywords you now know what dots to “join up” as it were. Simplistic method? Sprinkle those relevant words liberally throughout your article until you have joined all the dots -or- … Read more