What in the heck are negative keywords?


Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords comes from PPC where bidding on keywords meant saving money by not bidding on undesirable keywords.

Similarly, as you optimize your content with the right keyword research, finding negative keywords for your article has similar purpose. Negative keywords can actually lower your overall conversion costs, help you increase your CTR, quality score and help drive qualified traffic to your site. As search engines find your content beneficial to the users searches, they also avoid those negative keywords to be listed together with your brand.

The Basics of Negative Keywords

  • Have you built your negative keyword list?

  • Have you used the keyword planner to find negative keywords based on what people are already searching?

  • Have you added your negative keywords at an account, ad group, and campaign level?

Expand the Reach of Your Negative Keywords

  • Add the plural and singular versions of your negative keywords to maximize their impact.

  • Look for the main part of your long tail keyword you would like to exclude and add it in broad match.

  • Try and find a similar way to refer to your negative keywords and add them.

The search terms report is a great way to see the queries entered to match your ads. When creating your campaign, you should know the words that are worth excluding in your blog to begin with. This will help your brand to not be getting listed with other negative keywords.

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