A simple idiot’s guide explanation of onpage SEO


What is onpage SEO?

Google’s analysis is changing every time and it tracks the entire page of your site related to its searches. Onpage SEO is what you focused on your website. However, it doesn’t assure the rankings of your website through the properly optimized pages.

Here we try to put and look for the right matching keywords on the title, meta description, content and headings. Sometimes we do not have to focus our exact match keywords based on search engine wants. Focus on creating resources on what our target users need and would benefit on it rather than where your keywords should appear on the page. Its always the searchers you would think about.

Search engines focus on 2 things:

  • Title tags
  • Your page content

Your website pages must have the correct keywords in these areas. People usually look at the title page when they are searching for something and content is the next stop.

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