10 Ultimate SEO Tips For New Bloggers

The Top 10 SEO Tips For New Bloggers #1 Have a keyword list Study your keywords to put in your content needs time to work on and make sure that those key phrases were hardly searched before using. You will need some keyword tools available in the internet to help you with some key phrases. You can … Read more

The 3 reasons why every blogger cares about SEO

The 3 reasons why every blogger cares about SEO Search engine optimization is the process by which a content is being optimized so your blog post will come up in search engine results lists. Every new blogger must need to understand the importance of SEO in their website. It helps them to rank their pages and … Read more

What is LSI and how does Google use it?

If you want to rank for anything in Google you need content. The most important thing is to target one main keyword for each article you will write. Main keywords are important. However, Google also considers the other words on your page! Related keywords, ie semantically related words = latent semantic indexing or LSI for … Read more

How to optimize your articles for humans and search engines

Every year a brand new SEO idea or strategy comes around. Most of them are innovative. A lot of them revolve around buildings links, then watching your rankings bounce around as Google rolls out another cute sounding search update, after another. “Content is king” At the end of the day, Google is only trying to rank … Read more