How to optimize your articles for humans and search engines

Every year a brand new SEO idea or strategy comes around.

Most of them are innovative.

A lot of them revolve around buildings links, then watching your rankings bounce around as Google rolls out another cute sounding search update, after another.

“Content is king”

At the end of the day, Google is only trying to rank content that it thinks will be most useful to its users.

“So what is this page about?”


That is the question every marketer needs to ask before writing an article.

If we write relevant, high quality content then:

1. Google is more likely to rank us higher

2. Users will find the content more useful and stay on the site longer

Simple Method

Choose 1 keyword and focus on keyword placement.

Still useful, but Google is getting better and its not as useful as it once was. [Read why here]

Advanced Method

Use related keywords AND natural topic themes to build content.

Related keywords? We can use “latent semantic index” (LSI) keywords, that is; Instead of relying on just 1 primary keyword, its better to write about all the other keywords that are naturally related to our main keyword.

By doing this we naturally optimize for long tail searches and also avoid over optimizing our article for the main keyword and potentially having our article marked as spam.

but… What are topic themes?

We can use special algorithms to discover how keywords are naturally grouped together when being used. These groupings correlate very well to the idea of article topics.

With related keywords + topic discovery, we have a ready made article plan that just requires we join the dots.

How do we do this?


We Ask Google!

Thats right, we can query and analyze the top 50th results for any keyword and find out what are the LSI keywords and how these keywords come together to make topics.

Now we know:

  1. What other words co-occur with our main keyword
  2. What kind of topics other highly ranked sites are talking about


We can get a list of 25 top keywords + a break down of 10 topics with keywords that belong to them.


Keyword: “taking fish oil for heart”

Related Keywords

Topic Themes

See how useful this info is?

1. We know to explore ideas about “omega-3”, “supplements” and “heart benefit” in our article.

2. Your first topic can be about how “cholesterol, blood pressure” is “lower”.

With just the above, you have the perfect SEO optimised article plan to begin writing!


How do I get this info?

By using Article Insights.

We analyze any keyword and give you the top 25 keyword topics and themes.

We even find and show you example sentences of how those topics and themes were used by articles currently ranking!

We just recently released this service and want you to try it free on us! (No credit card or payment details required)

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