Why spinners and content generators will never produce readable articles

You have a problem

You need some content and quickly.

So you Google “content generator” “article generator” etc.

You install and run the program and realize that no matter what keyword, setting or spinner you use the final article is rubbish.

At best, its keyword relevant and you can fix some parts for a readable article.

At worst, its full of spammy content and over spun creating stilted un-natural phrases that are telltale signs of spinner magic in action.

Don’t get me wrong… There is a time and place for so called “content generators”.

This is what the trade off is:

Quality vs Quantity.


You give up quality for quantity.

Content generators are good and fine for your SenukeX blasts, GSA SER multi-tiered projects and your large RankerX social link wheels.

Typically you are blasting 1,000s or spun articles to 100s of sites.

There is neither enough time or money to write each article individually for such a blast!

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Claims that the content generators will:

auto generate[s] your essays, assignments, reports, thesis and articles

Is ludicrous at best. No nobody will get a Phd written by using an auto content generator.


How content generators (don’t) work

This is how all content generators work in the back ground.

  1. They scrape websites for articles found using your keyword.
  2. They extract all the text of each article.
  3. They filter/remove things that look like spam or junk content.
  4. All good content is broken down into paragraphs or sentences.
  5. The content generator will randomly pick a paragraph or sentence to create your new article.
  6. The content generator will spin or re-write the article so its more unique.

The problem my dear friend is step 5.

To see how it doesn’t work imagine this.

You want to create a new textbook on general chemistry

So you go to the library and borrow 5 books on chemistry.

You then proceed to rip out pages at random and combine them together into a “new” chemistry textbook!

Doesn’t make sense does it.

Concepts are missing and pages don’t flow.


In the same way, randomly combining sentences doth not an article make!

Sentences are related to each other and its the reason why your frankenstein article may be relevant but reads like crap.

What can you do?

Breathe in, and out, then accept the reality that auto generated content is not for readers eyes.

Then repeat.


No matter what it claims on the sales page, 100% of content generators do the same 6 steps.

Don’t waste your time, no matter how advanced PCs get they aren’t at the stage to create content spontaneously that will meet your quality standards. Ever.

So what now?

How about using content generators to do what they do best.

Find and scrape content = Research


Syntesize content into information = Writing


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