10 Ultimate SEO Tips For New Bloggers

The Top 10 SEO Tips For New Bloggers

#1 Have a keyword list

Study your keywords to put in your content needs time to work on and make sure that those key phrases were hardly searched before using. You will need some keyword tools available in the internet to help you with some key phrases. You can also use Google Free keyword tools available and see how it gives you ideas to the top searched terms in Google.

#2 Always be writing (ABW) Content is King

As new bloggers, writing best content may not be easy and a bit horrible. It’s your first time to write and you would be over thinking if your blog would be acceptable to the readers. You will write for your readers and think of what would they get from your content. Try to search for the most benefited things of your readers and start writing about it. That way your content may be shareable and people would find it valuable which help it increase traffic.

#3 Don’t forget page titles

Your title is the first thing the reader could ever see in the Google lists. Make sure you know what you’re focused on and use the appropriate keywords in the title of your web pages. The more appealing, the more chances of your readers to click onto your page and find what they need. You can use alternate title inside the “title tag” area in your web page. Google pulls that piece of coding behind the scene.

#4 Be casual, write like you talk

Writing as you talk to your readers makes it easy to interact. You can attract them to pay attention and listen to what you are trying to say. Your can express your voice even if they can’t hear you because they can feel that you really have something in your content that they must hear. Allow your readers to pay attention by making it smooth for your readers and easy to understand. Write for your readers first, next to search engines.

#5 You must do Meta Tags

Meta tags are HTML tags which includes your key phrases to allow the search engines what content you have in your web pages. You need to optimize meta tags as well. New bloggers need to understand and recognize what is behind the meta tags. They are invisible, not being seen from your pages or posts, however they are back of the scene that is very important in optimizing your website.

#6 You must use Heading Tags

Heading tags are a complete set of six headings. H1, H2 up to H6 which are all being post in bold. Each h tag has significance to search engines and it helps your website easily crawled. The maximum vital heading of all is the H1 which is the tag that can be seen in the search engine results pages as it headlines your posts.

#7 Its not just about ranking

Search engine optimization is not about the process of having your website on top of the Google. It is mainly include of marketing and promoting which can help your business to target potential customers to purchase your product or services. The wider the reach of promotion through marketing campaigns, the higher the chance of turning those prospects into signups.

#8 Build your own links

Linking is one of the fundamental elements of SEO which are being misunderstood by new bloggers as unimportant part. Your web pages must be hyperlinked to quality links that are related to your content. You don not just link to other high ranking sites not related to your posts. People might just click and leave your site immediately once you cannot provide the information they need. Go to websites within your categories and get them linked to your web pages.

#9 Please decorate, use Bold, Italics and Underline

Formatting fonts like using bold, italics, and underline in your content may add attraction to your post. However, this is not just to make it a difference, instead it helps the reader for specifying terms or description to a particular word in the blog. Some of those terms might be the keywords so in that case, the keywords that you used are easily be crawled and being shown in search engines.

#10 Use Video

Videos are now being used by most bloggers in their post together with their content. As we all noticed, videos are easily spread all over the social media and get trending. People sometimes are tired of reading plain texts in a very long article so it is a good idea to include some clips, videos or animations in your posts. It calls the attention of most of the viewers and leave marks in their minds that will last for few days.

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