OnPage SEO Domination – How hard keywords work in your content.

In the web where internet is evolving so fast like a real world, so many websites were built and competition on businesses spread so wide, optimization on every page is the solution to dominate over other competitors. OnPage Domination does everything if you know the proper ways of how to do it. Google and other search engines rely on your page’s content based on the users’ most searched items found in it. Not all properly made content can help your website be found on search engines. You should know the categories your products or services belongs to. It must be related or benefited to users’ needs. Think of something you are selling and people to buy your products. You are selling chocolate brownies and cupcakes for kids and people who loves desserts. So, you will put your store to the malls where kids and teens are going very often. Or you can have your facebook ad in a particular page with a lot of followers that tells people to buy chocolate brownies. You will target people who loves brownies or other desserts. To have your website domination you should know the factors of onpage seo like keyword research. Keyword is very important in the content. You should know the types of keywords.

Types of Keywords

LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing which is a type of keyword where the main keyword is present but can be added by the other keyword related to the main keywords. So it is like the two or three word keywords synonym to the main keywords.

Long-tail keyword – Other were confused even me when talking about LSI and the long -tail keywords. As I have read a lot of articles regarding onpage SEO and keyword is always the lead character, I am now differentiate them. Using long tails keywords of between four to five words in your content make your page more informative than using just a single keyword. A quality web content is consist of very strong long tail keywords.

Buying keywords – If you’re website is all about selling products, you should use keywords related to selling. When you are selling, you need people who will buy. So you can use ” Offer, Serve, Order, etc” long with LSI and long tail keywords related to your product.

Using keyword swipe file in your content

A keyword swipe file is a collection of long tail keyword that your keyword tool returns which are related to your primary keywords. You can have only have atleast 20 related keywords based on your main keywords that would be included in the swipe file.

Use the best searched words that the tool returns and put them in your content. It is vey important that you used the most searched words with a large volume of searched daily, week or in monthly.

You can use hootsuite to check the competition of the most searched keywords that you are using. It is also very useful to know that you have a collection of keywords in your swipe file to easily managed the used of words when writing articles.

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