How to find and target hidden keywords for better content

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If you have, you will have noticed its main purpose is to help you uncover keyword opportunities.

But how exactly can you use these keywords?

Build a keyword portfolio

You can’t target all the keywords you find, but you can create a running list of new keywords you can target.

If you create a Google spreadsheet, you will always have access to this list and you can even share it to your team,

Its better to combine multiple related keywords on ONE PAGE then to spread it out on multiple pages as Google prefers longer posts than shorter articles spread out on your website.

Write new content

if you come across new keyword ideas or topics, feel free to add them as new content to your site.

If you don’t have a blog setup, this is the perfect time to use the new keyword/topic ideas on your website.

Improve existing content

Use Article Insights optimization tool to correctly target all the top most important keywords to your existing article.

Don’t forget to follow also basic SEO onpage optimization techniques that are discussed in great dept on our Onpage SEO Guide.

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