Keyword research and the importance of keyword ideas in your content

How to do keyword research? Keyword research is the process of finding the right keyword for your content based on your products. The perfect keyword research should include a mix of main and long tail keywords and is search engine optimized. SEO helps our websites to rank in organic way with the help of Google bots which crawl … Read more

Is Keyword Research equals to Money?

Keyword research = Money A lot of people nowadays are always searching from their phones and computers whenever they need to research for something. Search engine is the place where most users are typing in their searches. Whatever data they typed in on the search bars, means a lot to search engines. The higher the word searches, the … Read more

7 other usages of keyword tools besides just for keyword research

Keyword Testing Tool This is the tool for day-to-day test automation efforts for keywords. Each line of data in a keyword script includes a keyword that tells the framework what to do with the test data. It is important to have a keyword testing to know the position of it on the search engine results … Read more

The right way to do keyword research. Hint: It isn’t as hard as you think

Everyone wants more traffic to their websites. The first step before you can engage in any traffic building of course is content. Before content comes, gasp. Keyword selection. The aim? Select the right keywords to drive traffic & (hopefully) lead to conversions. Traditional keyword Research How we are taught to do keyword research. For each … Read more

Headings Research – Get even more article and topic ideas

Article Insights now gives you headings research. The tool will find and collect all H1, H2, H3 headings and subheadings it finds in content. Headings research You can find headings research from the menu button located at the top of the screen.   By clicking on this button you get a window popup with all … Read more

How to do deep research in preparation for your next killer article

Article Insights saves you a lot of time by doing the content research for your article upfront. In fact it does a search on Google and analyzes the top 75 ranking pages and analyzes the content of all those pages to give you really comprehensive data. All that analysis if funnelled into 2 areas, summarizing the research … Read more