Keyword research mistakes to avoid


Mistakes to avoid in doing keyword research

Keyword research is the most used process in On Page SEO. People would find the best tool to use for their keywords and believed that this would help their content to be ranked and show in search engine results. We do keyword research and know what keywords to target. Sometimes, as we really trust the process that commonly used by other people, its hardly to switch our beliefs of the mistakes the keyword research falls. Here we tackle the most common mistakes to avoid doing the keyword research.

Keyword Research Mistakes You’re Probably Making

1. Being Unnatural

Your client might want to show you the results they are expecting from your work and it really hard for you to cheer them up or explain something they really don’t understand. What they want is the good ranking of their brands and you are in the struggle of taking time with your old school marketing process.

Now, you found out the power of long tail keywords to focus in your content. Using low competition keywords will help you easily rank because it results to very few search volumes on google.

2. Finding Exact Match Keywords Through Search Volumes

Looking at the search volumes for the exact match keywords and using them in your articles would help you believed that you are doing it right. However you wouldn’t know that those keywords would really help you unless you see the results and show all the keywords you are targeting.

3. Disregarding Conversion Ratios

Doing business for the sake of other things is nonsense. Let’s be practical, we all doing it to target customers that leads to prospects and converts money. We are not wasting time here if we do not earn from our business. Targeting keywords to increase traffic is our main goal. This is because we know that it will lead us to sales. Conversion is one of the most important factors to consider when doing keyword research.

4. Using Misleading Keywords In Your Research

When doing keyword research, you should know exactly what you target. Google would interpret what you typed in and it only returns those terms that match with your search. Be specific and use terms that are related to your main keywords and are easy to understand. Words have multiple interpretations so make sure that you use the right terms related to your content.

5. Missing Keyword Audit

Most people are failing to update their used keyword. Google’s algorithm is changing rapidly and sometimes you never noticed that you are losing focus on your main keywords. A keyword audit must be done to help you find more content ideas for your website and other social media pages. Your keywords used may change anytime depending on the trend and it happens rapidly. Your content must be updated as well with new keywords if you want to stay on top of the Google.


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