7 other usages of keyword tools besides just for keyword research


Keyword Testing Tool

This is the tool for day-to-day test automation efforts for keywords. Each line of data in a keyword script includes a keyword that tells the framework what to do with the test data. It is important to have a keyword testing to know the position of it on the search engine results pages. This tool will analyze your SEO performance automatically once you’ve use the keywords results from the tool and choose them to rank and will provide you with algorithms containing suggestions for new keywords you should start integrating into your site. Having the proper keyword in your articles will help your content boost over other webpages in the internet. You must learn how to identify the right keyword tool for your project with the qualitative comparison of most popular testing toolsets.

Related Keywords Tool

Conduct your research using one of the best keyword tools and you will have an idea of terms that  might make sense from a keyword perspective. This provides a list of keywords that are already sending traffic to the website. This traffic is generated because the keywords have some real time presence in one or more search engines.

When you are using Google’s keyword tool the default order for results is “relevance.” This tool is trying to give you terms that are the most related, combined terms with higher and lower search counts. These are great list of tools, but you may somehow missed one of the great keyword analysis tool.

Traffic by keyword

Proper use of keywords will help you to drive traffic to your website. Choosing the right keyword tools in creating content for your articles is very important to achieve an optimized website. Focus on keywords that are likely most visitors spent time to and also perform action on the site. You are targeting those visitors that drives traffic to a specific page using the particular keywords. Long tail keywords are more important and they are often used and typed in the search bars. The more traffic you can get from the targeted keywords, the more ROI for your website. Traffic can be turned to real customers and these pages can represent SEO opportunities.

Automated content writing

Writing content is what makes your articles standout on the web. You can use different tools to make your articles automatically written. To automate your articles it requires you to create several original blog posts and pre-schedule them for publishing. It helps you come up ideas  to write interesting and professional content for your articles. It shows a bunch of options from different webpages and from there you can choose the exact match for your keywords. This also lessen your time of work and make you ready for another next articles you want to try. The automated article generator is a surprisingly unique content creator tool that helps beginners, editors and writers to lift up their skills and develop ideas.

Adwords tool

There are several keyword research tools that can be found in the internet but only limited are as known as Google’s keyword tool. With a Google Adwords tool, you can create your own customized ads, that can help you increase website traffic and get millions of customers to grow your business. Google offered the most used free SEO tool for conducting research on the most targeted keyword phrases with useful information with regards to popularity, uniqueness and readability of suggested words to be used in the articles. The Google AdWords keyword tool is a great way to build a basic list of keyword ideas for your content and online campaigns. 


Keywords tool free

When talk about keywords tool, Google Keyword tool instantly comes to our mind. Simply because it checks your keywords status, not just used as keyword research. WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool makes the keyword research fast and very easy to find the keywords for your business needs and drive traffic through organic and paid search. A lot of other free tools to find in the internet but you only choose the best which can give the best results for your content. When you are writing new articles there always comes with a need of someone’s ideas so you can start with your writings. The Keyword Research tool can generate keyword ideas in broad range of different languages and regions. It allows you to polish your keyword suggestions for the communities you belong.

Generate unique content

Generating content is needed to make your articles ready to publish in your blog. Unique content is what makes your blog popular and catch attention to the users. Using different SEO tools in creating your content will help you easily get some ideas to used in writing. Proper use of the tools will make your content achieve the volume of traffic to your website. This tool will give you a bunch of ideas and keywords to use for your next article. It includes long tail keywords which has the volume of backlinks in it. To generate unique content means your articles can be at edge to any other articles on the web.

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