What is an AI content generator?


AI content generator

Creating content for websites or blogs (and the followup link building) takes a lot of time. If after all this your content was not indexed by search engines effectively the post would be considered wasted effort.

We can use AI to help us write content faster.

From full blown computer only generated content, to content that is written by a human but assisted by a computer AI.

  • AI Content generators take existing content and rewrite and shuffle it around to create new content. Content can come from a variety of sources including answers from questions on social media and forums. See below for some examples of content generators.
  • Keyword/Content tools can find and suggest content that you as a writer rewrite or reference to create new content.

Tools like Article insights is a great way of finding relevant content and focusing on the right keywords to use for your article blogs. Although it won’t write the article for you it does help you by providing, a count of the number of words used, checking the readability of your article and even the uniqueness of any sentences.

Auto content generation tools

A content generator tool is a bit of advanced software that lets you just type in your keyword or keyword phrase into a search bar and will create new articles based on what ever content it was able to find online.

For example: The tool will visit article directories using your keyword to download relevant content.

Scraping content is only part of the process, advanced content generators can then incorporate this content with existing content using a template.

You might want to insert links, images, or your own custom content such as product descriptions or dimensions into pre-downloaded article content to make it more unique.

If you have targeted traffic to your website or blog, and you want to attract them, you can use an auto content generator tool to help you in writing interesting and professional content. Your content could span from a simple blog post to an extremely high interactive graphic post. It can also help you to create backlink for your website and write unique content from scratch.

Great images are absolutely necessary for your content. Your articles stand out on social networks when shared by people, which help drive traffic from search engines. It helps dull presentations turn into captivating ones. You can target more keywords as you produce quality content faster, and more money you can earn as you drive more traffic. That’s the primary goal for many people who tried to use this tool.

Auto Content Writer

Are you looking for an auto content writing tool that creates best-quality computer generated articles on your chosen topic in just less than 3 minutes?

One of the best strategies to distinguish your business online is through content marketing, which enables you to provide potential customers with valuable information. Content writing is one aspect that you can have in your website to make your content marketing truly found on search engines. You need tools to easily make your website and to make a good quality written content, you need to choose the best auto content tools for your blog posts.

There are other several content tools to be found on the internet. Here are the best auto  content tools you can used to help you with your content writing other than article insights.

Article Forge is one of the few apps that utilizes this deep learning that will in fact compose articles for you without having to hand-pick snippets yourself. It is not simply an article writer but it can also control both material generation and publishing.

Wordsmith also gives users tools to make sure that their content is as useful and unique as they need it to be, thanks to readability and variability scores built right into the platform.

If you want to only rephrase a single sentence, or even rewrite a single short phrase, then Article Rewriter Tool will get the job done.

Writtent is a writer marketplace where you can find content writers for all sorts of different types of projects: from blog posts and whitepapers, to newsletters and tweets.

SEO Content Machine This program is a multi-language content scraper & generator. Supports all western languages.

Articoolo‘s article building app quickly produces draft-quality documents to kickstart your next blog post or online article.

Article Generator Pro is highly configurable and is capable of making plagiarism-free content with minimal human input. 

How do content generators create ‘unique’ content?

Search engines only index “words on a page”.

You need to post a lot of readable and quality content to your website to achieve a reliable long term traffic referrals from search engine optimization.

Using an online content generator will give you a non-unique article as the content it uses to make your content is sourced online.

The secret of how these tools make the content unique is to use an article re-writer (spinner).

All it does is finds words in an article and replaces with a synonym, similar to the Word thesaurus function. Some tools are more fancy and apply grammar and word choice detection, however the result is the same. Content that has been re-written.

It is possible to “over spin” an article and for it to read un-naturally. This overly spintaxed article reads poorly for readers, however it will get used online as the content turns up as very unique if you run it through a plagiarism checker.

Can automated content generation be useful?

Automated content generation can be used to work together with a real human to to compile very high quality content that reads just like one written by a human (cause it was).

It is possible to fully automate this if the content generator uses a store of generic paragraphs that it can reference from e.g. https://articlebuilder.net

The success of content automation depends on how the articles were built with the help of generating tools and how they were distributed to different social media channels, engaged and shared by most target users.

The most important feature you want in an automated content generator is a “rewriter” or simply an article spinner that will take non original text and rewrite it so that it is unique,

Yes, having your content automatically generated does help you work faster, and allows you to target hundreds of keywords quickly and start ranking them on Google. However, as most content generators only re-shuffle existing content, you will never produce something truly as readable and unique as the source material it drew from. Worse, you can end up creating non-nonsensical articles.

What are the benefits of a content generator?

Content generator has some features alongside the topic suggestions.

It generates highly spun content that is completely unique and easy to understand. However, you must be very careful with some of the content generator you can found on the internet, because it is highly addictive and you can easily spend hours generating titles for your next written articles.

The idea behind article generators is to create super spun articles which produce a big number of unique articles created in different paragraph and word counts replaced with synonyms. You can have your work easily because it will save your time with those ideas that this tool brings up.

Warning: At the end of the day you are just “re purposing” existing content on the web and content generators will never produce a level of unique quality that most readers will consider “useful”.

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