Performance improvements. 10s to 3s load time.

A round of performance improvements have been made to decrease the time it takes to load the Article Insights app.


App size = 455kb


App size = 266kb

Load times from 10s+ to as quick as 3 secs.

What does this mean?

It means the Chrome plugin loads almost instantaneously and is ready to work with before even your document editor has finished completely loading.

It also means you will see the Article Insights app screen faster than ever before.

How did we do it?

  1. Moved large scripts onto CDN for download. Having scripts on CDN means the browser can request multiple files at once from the location nearest to you.
    • Front end theme (Semantic UI)
    • Jquery
    • CKEditor
    • Misc smaller scripts
  2. Code splitting.
    We were able to only bits of the application that you are accessing right now. Previously it would load the entire application upfront. There are tradeoffs, however the big improvement is the quicker upfront loading time of the App. Especially if you are using the Chrome plugin, as that doesn’t require everything be loaded for it to work. For more info -> Meteor lazy loading
  3. Removed dead code.
  4. Removed JavaScript libraries that was still be included but no longer used in the app (house cleaning).


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