How to build links to your content

Every time we create our blog, we usually put links to reference pages for further information about our business. Sometimes we give credits to those people whom we think have related content on what we have to acknowledge their posts. Those links may have good feedback and great impact for our business.

Google may easily find your content with this link building strategies.

Here are a few ways to achieve more by linking out to external sources.

If you want link building attracts, phrase them accordingly

Use call to action button in your post to promote your content. You are using this to call people’s attention on the giveaways or other promos in your business. You can also use the text links to your website with this promotion caption.

Keep your links descriptive

Use more descriptive words in line of your promotion caption. People will get easy on the eye when they see what they can get before hitting the link. It is where these links can take them. Use the proper text which is SEO optimized.

Link out for relationship building purposes

Linking your page to other pages will build relationship between businesses. It is nice being linked to each other because it shows social engagement. People love to be mentioned by other bloggers to thank them, share information and provide details.

Few techniques to turn your linking practices into a social relationship building tactic:

Search for the most active and responsive influencer on social media. They are more likely to share your content once they knew that you linked on them.

Tag them by using social media tagging to let them know you referenced them.

Make your alt tags more descriptive and mention the author’s name, Twitter or IG account and website title in your post.


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