[infographic] Introduction to content marketing

Here is a good overview to using content to drive leads to your business. TLDR Infographics win Vs traditional blog posts Users will read 11.4 bits of content before making a purchase Video kicks butt Email is 40x more effective than social media to get new customers as a channel to promote your content. Presented…

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Check the uniqueness of content as your write

Its is important that content is 100% unique before you post in online. If you are using the app to write content, you can use research to kick start your writing. However, any research used verbatim is duplicate content! Without having to copy the article into copyscape and run a paid search, wouldn’t it be…

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Why spinners and content generators will never produce readable articles

You have a problem You need some content and quickly. So you Google “content generator” “article generator” etc. You install and run the program and realize that no matter what keyword, setting or spinner you use the final article is rubbish. At best, its keyword relevant and you can fix some parts for a readable…

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