Check the uniqueness of content as your write

Its is important that content is 100% unique before you post in online.

If you are using the app to write content, you can use research to kick start your writing.

However, any research used verbatim is duplicate content!

Without having to copy the article into copyscape and run a paid search, wouldn’t it be awesome if the app tracked it for me for free!

Now it does!

The app will now keep track of the uniqueness of the article for any research you use, no need to use an external tool.

This number is calculated for you automatically. You even have 2 options to fix the uniqueness of the article.

Tracking uniqueness

In the example below, I have added 3 sentences of research to my article. The uniqueness is 0%. No good!


What can I do? I should start re-writing it!

Begin by clicking on the helpful re-writing tool highlighted in red.


Re-writing Tool

The re-writing tool allows you to choose synonyms using a simple point and click method.

On the right hand side all duplicate content is highlighted in red.


All 0%, I need to do some serious re-writing to bring the uniqueness level up.

But it’s easy to do, I begin by hovering and choosing some re-writes.


I hover over “honestly” and it gives me 2 synonyms, “actually” makes sense so I select it. I do the same for other highlighted items.

Then I get this..


On the right hand side it tells me the content is only 50% unique. Since the synonyms don’t make sense for the other words, I can manually edit the sentence by clicking on [edit].


Specifically I target the words shown in red for re-writing. I change those items only and once the edit is done I see that it’s 100% unique!


Great, so here are the overall stats for my article.


39% unique, almost half way there. I just keep going,

  • Choose synonyms
  • Re-write where needed

100% is achievable!

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