Stop wasting your time with auto content generators

Auto content generators don’t work. They are not completely useless but for writing content for your websites where you expect your customers to come and read it, you need to stay far away from anything auto generated. ContentsTypical content generator claimsHere is why they are wrongWhen to use auto generated contentAuto generated articles are not … Read more

Why your articles don’t rank because it lacks related keywords

The first thing you learn about writing online is that you start with picking a keyword. A single main keyword that you are trying rank for in Google. ContentsWhy 1 keyword?Semantic Analysis, Collocation etcWords of a feather flock togetherWhere do I find related terms? Why 1 keyword? Search engines are relatively *dumb* Its easier to … Read more

Why your typical list of relevant keywords is inadequate

ContentsYou have been told this?The resultTake 2ResultReady to find useful related keywords for yourself? You have been told this? [feature_box style=”4″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”] Use long tail keywords in your articles and watch the traffic potential to your blog explode! Go after the low hanging fruit first, write about long tail keywords and target low traffic BUT low competition keywords. … Read more

Why spinners and content generators will never produce readable articles

ContentsYou have a problemHow content generators (don’t) workWhat can you do?So what now? You have a problem You need some content and quickly. So you Google “content generator” “article generator” etc. You install and run the program and realize that no matter what keyword, setting or spinner you use the final article is rubbish. At best, … Read more

How to optimize your articles for humans and search engines

Every year a brand new SEO idea or strategy comes around. Most of them are innovative. A lot of them revolve around buildings links, then watching your rankings bounce around as Google rolls out another cute sounding search update, after another. “Content is king” At the end of the day, Google is only trying to rank … Read more