Free Traffic Guide

You have a site, you want traffic for it. You want visitors to come, click on things and ultimately spend money or time on your site. One of the most wanted forms of traffic is that brought to you by search engines such as Google. Nothing beats free traffic. ContentsThe quest for free trafficSo how … Read more

Custom competitor headings

Custom competitors are displayed slightly differently, they will appear on the top of search results. Custom competitors will be given rank C1 to denote their position. Article Insights will retrieve the headings information of custom competitors now.

How to add additional competitor sites for analysis

Normally Article Insights compares your article to the top 10 websites in Google. What happens if you also want to track a competitor website not in the top 10? With this update, now you can do exactly that. How to add a competitor url Under the competitors tab, there is a new button. ‘Add Site’ … Read more

How to import content from an existing web page

You can import text content from an existing web page. You can find the new feature as ‘Import’ link next to existing export and share links. Just click on Import to open the import window. You need to paste in the url of the article you want to import. Then click on ‘Import Content’ to … Read more

Move keywords between projects

Do you want to move keywords from one project to another? This wasn’t possible previously but it can be done now. Introducing the ‘move to project’ feature. Move to project will work on all visible keywords. If you filter or show by category it will only run on those keywords. Handy. The move command will … Read more

Group keywords by categories

If you have a lot of keywords in your projects, you may find it hard to find the keyword you want to edit and hard to keep track of keywords that you have added. There are 2 new features to help you with that. ContentsKeyword FilterKeyword CategoriesHow to add/remove categories How to quick assign all … Read more

How to make sure your content is unique

As you write content in the Article Insights text editor or add research from the panel, the app keeps track of the uniqueness of the content. It is important that the content you write is as unique as can be, to avoid search penalties. In Article Insights this tracking is done for you automatically. Check … Read more

How to use keywords in headers for SEO

When writing a SEO optimized article you need to use headers such as H1 H2 etc. It is also important to use your primary keywords in both your content and headers. Normally it is recommended that you have your primary keyword in at least one H1 tag so that Google can understand your content better. … Read more

SEO Content Editor – Now supporting Polish language

Article Insights UI now translated in Polish. To change language, find the app menu and select > Change Language Content Writing in Native Polish for your brand or company using SEO content editor Check out some screenshots of the UI in Polish. You can also check out the new Polish site.

More improvements!

Lots of new additions to Article Insights, including bug fixes. Snippets will not show for de-selected competitors. Headings will not show for de-selected competitors. Correctly count just the average of used headings for selected competitors. All tabs moved to the right hand side. Brief Notes Leave message to writers, or yourself about the article. Competitor … Read more

Article Word Highlighting

Article Insights is now able to highlight keywords in all parts of the UI for you. Highlight keywords in your article The currently focused keyword is in green. All instances of the focused keyword appear in yellow highlight. You can even highlight all used words in the article by clicking on the checkbox. Highlight keywords … Read more