SEO Content Editor – Now supporting Polish language

Article Insights UI now translated in Polish. To change language, find the app menu and select > Change Language Content Writing in Native Polish for your brand or company using SEO content editor Check out some screenshots of the UI in Polish. You can also check out the new Polish site.

More improvements!

Lots of new additions to Article Insights, including bug fixes. Snippets will not show for de-selected competitors. Headings will not show for de-selected competitors. Correctly count just the average of used headings for selected competitors. All tabs moved to the right hand side. Brief Notes Leave message to writers, or yourself about the article. Competitor … Read more

Article Word Highlighting

Article Insights is now able to highlight keywords in all parts of the UI for you. Highlight keywords in your article The currently focused keyword is in green. All instances of the focused keyword appear in yellow highlight. You can even highlight all used words in the article by clicking on the checkbox. Highlight keywords … Read more

Using keywords in blogging strategy

Every blog post has viewers in it. Its either there are followers or the blog has been shared in RSS. Today, blogging must have keywords to achieve the viewers attention. So how does keyword research help in blog posts nowadays? When we say keywords, these are the terms most users are typing in search engines … Read more

What are the ways on how content marketing helps SEO?

Some people do not believe that SEO and content marketing can go together. However, according to one of the trusted SEO strategist Neil Patel, that could be possible. It was proven that these two can generate traffic and that can be in one tool. Here are some content marketing ways Content marketing lowers bounce rate A high … Read more

How to increase website speed?

Page speed considers Google as a ranking factor and that needs to be improved. Most businesses with poor website page load are being abandoned by visitors and do not return again. It is a waste of time to stay on websites with poor web performance. However, there are answers for every issue. Increasing your website speed … Read more

Why need to perform the local SEO audit?

Every business that is showing on Google, and wants to be shared in social media, has a need for local SEO audit for some understanding about its ranking. Google my business helps a lot of business owners to monitor its performance in search engines. Hiring an SEO expert is an advantage but planning and knowing about … Read more

How to know your competitors’ keywords

Learning what kind of content to create for your webpage will make it easy for your customers to find you. However, knowing the keywords used by your best competitors will make your webpage attract even more customers. Using the best keyword research tool to analyze what terms are most likely to search by target customers increases … Read more

How to find and engage with your target audience online?

Knowing who your target audience is, must be the first thing you should do before creating content. You would find what type of questions your audience are looking online and so you would prepare for the right information that they will benefit them. It is important to fully understand about your target audience to keep them … Read more