Why need to perform the local SEO audit?

Every business that is showing on Google, and wants to be shared in social media, has a need for local SEO audit for some understanding about its ranking. Google my business helps a lot of business owners to monitor its performance in search engines. Hiring an SEO expert is an advantage but planning and knowing about your competition with do a lot better.

What are the aspects of local SEO audit?

It is important to know the very first step in SEO audit. Here we split the different categories necessary for SEO success.

1) Google My Business page audit

2) Website & landing page audit

3) Citation analysis

4) Organic link & penalty analysis

5) Review analysis

6) Social analysis

7) Competition analysis

8) Ongoing strategy

Each factor has its own role for SEO success. They discuss every issue and how they can solve major problems. The competition is very important and each of them can work as long as search engine ranking is concern.

local SEO audit

How to learn from this guide for your local SEO audit

It is important to start with the right information when conducting audit with a client or your own business. Not just it can help identify some local SEO issues, we can have it recorded in the spreadsheet.

You can develop a plan that no longer chases the links and citations but rather earns them. However it is essential to develop a plan for ongoing efforts with goals and project lengths. In this way you​​​​​​​ KPIs can be measured.

Many people make the wrong move of signing up for ongoing SEO fees without planning which can lead to lack of accountability and low SEO.

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