How to know your competitors’ keywords

How to steal best keywords

Learning what kind of content to create for your webpage will make it easy for your customers to find you. However, knowing the keywords used by your best competitors will make your webpage attract even more customers. Using the best keyword research tool to analyze what terms are most likely to search by target customers increases the chance of knowing your competitor’s used keywords.

There is an easy way to steal your competitors’ best keyword. Find some good information and apply this in your SEO efforts.

This is a spreadsheet which can give you a detail result in a list.

The sheet will be able you to know…

  • Automatically find the best keywords with high search traffic volumes and low competition
  • Lets you know if its possible to win a featured snippet
  • Calculates the keyword intent to help you focus on money keywords.

It is important that you know and include your competitors best organic keywords in your content. However you can only find them if you would know who are your best competitors. Learn what terms or data they are ranking high and discover their backlinks. Google is looking at the quality of your backlinks. That way you would know how far they could go. Steal those keywords and use them for your content. Keyword analysis may help you better with this. It is not impossible that in time, your website will increase its volume of traffic.

The sheet will also let you know and help you setup what kind of niche your competitors are in. 

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