What are the ways on how content marketing helps SEO?

SEO and content marketing

Some people do not believe that SEO and content marketing can go together. However, according to one of the trusted SEO strategist Neil Patel, that could be possible. It was proven that these two can generate traffic and that can be in one tool.

Here are some content marketing ways

Content marketing lowers bounce rate

A high bounce rate affects your rankings. This indicate that your audience do not like  the content found in Google. However, there is a solution in every problem. Creating some good quality content people and search engine would love increase chances of your website to be on top of rankings. Content which capture people’s attention and keep them stay longer on your website. Content marketing helps your website spread over social media.

Effective content marketing establishes you as an authority

There is no doubt that quality backlinks improve your website ranking. You can make an effective content marketing by getting backlinks from authority sites. Your website can get authority by having the most quality content which has valuable information for your visitors enough to gain trust.

Content marketing improves ranking for the right keywords

Content without keyword is useless. You cannot say that website is optimized without the right information which your target audience is looking for.

Having the right keywords for specific topic can boost your website’s ranking on search engine results pages.