Google Keyword Tool Vs Article Insights

A common question I get is, what is the difference between using Google Keyword Tool vs Article Insights?

The best way to answer this is to go through a typical article writing process.

Article Writing

If you had to write an article, where would you start to get an idea of what is a popular topic?

A simple method is to open up the Google keyword tool and see what keywords are available.

Let’s choose a keyword for this example, ‘Business coaching melbourne”

Below is a 100 keyword dump straight out of the keyword tool:

Google Keyword Tool

Using Google Keyword Tool For Article Ideas

The keyword tool is excellent for telling you what your next article title should be.

You can choose any of the suggestions and have your article title ready to go. “Small business coaching melbourne” etc.

The problem is, now that you have a keyword… what words and topics should you use in the article?

Just by relying on the Google keyword tool you have no idea. You could scan the list and try to find some related keywords:

  • business consultant
  • business advice
  • business mentor

But what are your customers looking for when they are searching for a “business consultant/advice/mentor”?

With just the keyword list above you would have a hard time answering that question.

ArticleInsights Keywords To The Rescue

The following is a list of the top 150 keywords for the same term “business coaching melbourne”

Article Insights Keywords

Immediately there is a big difference. If you’re article title is “Small business coaching melbourne” and you wanted to know what your customers are looking for, going down the keyword list gives you.

  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Sales
  • Goals

So for your next article, instead of using words like “mentor/advice/consultation” from Google Keywords, you can write an article for small business owners who need help with “marketing/training/sales/goals”.

It is hard to write an article about “mentor/advice/consultation” because these are broad generic terms.

There is no “meat on the bone” as it were.

However your mind should be lighting up with examples of “marketing ideas” or “training tips” to help business owners.

If you didn’t know exactly what “business coaching” meant, now you know that your potential customers are looking for help with “sales” and “goals”.

Just having those “meaty keywords” can really illuminate the ideas and topics for your next article.

Speaking of topics…

Auto Article Topics

If all Article Insights gave you was keywords, it would be a great tool. However it even gives you article topics to make it an Amazing Tool.

business coaching article topics
Article Topics

ArticleInsights ships with a clever little bot that is able to group related terms together into article topics.

Following the example of  “marketing/training/sales/goals”

According to the article topic generator,

  • Marketing & sales is an article topic together (duh!)
  • Training is about “team work”, “people” etc
  • Goals are about “life/work goals” & “steps/strategies”

If you were not an expert in “business coaching” you may not have known about these article topic & word relationships.

Although it seems obvious in this trivial example, it may not be so obvious what your related keywords & topics are when your keyword is “aluminium balconies”…

Want keywords & topics like these?

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