How to track your references when writing

Reference your sources. As you conduct research for your next article, you can impress your clients & demonstrate real professional editorial standards by always referencing ideas that did not originate from yourself. There are even onpage SEO benefits from linking to authority sites! And if you ever come across the day where you get manually … Read more

How to do deep research in preparation for your next killer article

Article Insights saves you a lot of time by doing the content research for your article upfront. In fact it does a search on Google and analyzes the top 75 ranking pages and analyzes the content of all those pages to give you really comprehensive data. All that analysis if funnelled into 2 areas, summarizing the research … Read more

Don’t get lost. Super onboarding to get you writing your first optimized article

Using a new application can be difficult. The worse offenders are ones with buttons that feature an acronym with no help text. Leaves your head wondering… what does this button do again? See mystery meat navigation. I work hard to ensure you can understand how to use the tool with no training required. Here are some … Read more

How to improve article titles using this awesome tool (#free)

Generating clickable article titles is difficult. But, why is having a good title important? ContentsFor GoogleFor Social MediaDo you know headline analyzer? For Google Article titles are super important because it’s the first thing readers will notice in the search listings… eg You can rank well for a term, but if your title sucks you lower … Read more

Magic Textboxes!

Ever tried pasting content into a textarea in the app and having this happen? If the text is larger than the text box, not everything is visible. In fact you should drag the 3 strip handlebars in the bottom to re-size it. After you finish editing by clicking outside the textarea, the content does display normally. … Read more

Why linking back can improve the authority of your article

Linking back, aka providing a link to any content that is relevant to your article or providing a link to any article you used as research. Just like you would have to do when writing an essay at University, however they called it “references”. ContentsIt is normal to do some “research” before you writeReferences or … Read more

User Experience Tweaks

Article Insights now sports a new updated look to help turn the slightly drab clinical white to something more appealing… and usable. ContentsMain page backgroundSubtle backgroundBulk operationsLess clicksEmail me!Export your dataMobile Ok Main page background Added blue background. Now if you click “get started” it will bring you to projects screen or login screen. If … Read more