How quality content affects OnPage SEO

A Year of Content Marketing in Review: The 15 Top-Shared Posts of 2016

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Nowadays, most of the business are doing content marketing. This is to make their business spread easily through internet. Owners are thinking of strategies and techniques for their businesses. Most especially, they are more focused on the content of their websites, on how they can make it quality and shareable.

Content marketing is the process of making your websites content as quality as it can be and deliver a nice content for viewers which will make other people to share them. It is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.


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Search Engine Optimization: On-Page vs. Off-Page

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SEO is the process of growing your websites visibility in the major search engines based in organic results. This help your business improve ranking by optimizing web page’s content and link building which will increase awareness in search engines.

We may think what SEO strategies would easily help our business. However OnPage and OffPage optimization works in different ways and have its own functions in driving traffic to the websites. Thus, we need these both in our websites.

Let’s start with the Onpage optimization and how this work. This is optimizing your content with the following elements:

Title Tags

Meta Description

ALT Tags for images

Page Content

Internal linking

Keywords must be present in each of these elements which search engines crawl over your pages and return. Proper use of keywords would be helpful for easier search engine results. While OffPage optimization is the process of getting links back to your website which is also called back links. This can be done through social media networks by reaching out to people.



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