How to create compelling emails

Email is part of everyday communication in business and we usually received hundreds of emails from different marketers. Definitely we only read or pay attention to those emails or subject lines that benefit us.

Here are the tips in writing for email marketing

Write for second person

Use pronouns like you, your and yours. You are addressing your customers in your writing. That means you are offering something or targeting him with your products or services. In this way, people will see that you are interested on what he needs.

Talk about benefits not features

You will not discuss how good your product is but what it can help with your business. Know what your target needs like for example, people don’t understand your tool, then you will create a video tutorial so it can help them how to use the tool for them to use on their business.

Write for your segments

List down your segments. You will put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you know what your customers’ want then you can write them the content which they would need and would pay their attention.

Format your email body for skimmers

People usually skim emails when received and that is the reality. Make your content an eye for viewing direct to the point, sweet and short. You can use bullets in enumerating key points for the clear understanding of your readers.






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