OnPage SEO Tips for 2018

Let’s see what’s new on the web regarding SEO techniques.

On-Page SEO Roundup for 2018

SEO experts share their techniques for OnPage SEO that will make your strategies more powerful than ever. As the years go by and search engine changes its algorithms, elements change and people choose techniques and ideas for SEO that would help them the most for their website. Learn some techniques from SEO experts.

  1. Ranker – They said that smart writing and keyword searched optimized and title tags are the most important elements for onpage SEO. However, you must think of how competitive your keywords are. Most of the keywords we are targeting are those with high rankings on google. That is everybody believes that having high ranking keywords on your title tags and headings would help rank in search engine. Google and search engine change everyday and competitors around the web are working hard for their own unique keywords. You do not know how strong your keywords are. The best thing is that have keywords based on your content, people would get related on their searches and based on exactly what your page is.
  2. Optim-eyez  – LSI is the ranking fuel and the most prioritized technique nowadays based on them. You can use your main keyword but you can use the indexed words related on it as well.
  3. Click Time
  4. Elements of OnPage SEO
    1. Title tags optimization – Having the main keywords on title tags of the page. Search engine first found and show title tags on the page results.
    2. Most searched keyword terms – Use Google keyword tool to find more keywords related on your page.
    3. Page speed – Big sized images cause the page to load very slow. Cropping large pictures to upload in your page and choose different format for the graphics will make the page loads faster. People easily gets tired on waiting for slow loading of page that cause them leave the page.

4. Anvil Media – “Optimization of website’s HTML code and incorporating structured data are not used very often but most effective technique nowadays in SEO”. Search angine easily understand the content of the website through schema.org or what they call the rich snippets. It is a piece of code with your chosen keywords that you put on your website’s backend that helps Googleand other search engines track your keyword to be shown on SERPs.

5. Day Translations, Inc – Utilizing snippets is optimizing Voice Search Optimization as well. It is considered as the future of search as mobile and machine learning processes begin transforming the way people interact online. Google can manage your speaking voice question and answer them based on what the results shows. Put your keywords on the title tags and heading where search engine usually gets results from.

6. MarcNashaat – Important On-Page Factors for SEO

Schema.org – there are proven evidences the rich snippets works a lot nowadays on search engine results. Q&A, forums and other social networks have a big role on voice search, which is now known as the future of search. People can actually ask questions and results showup easily.

Mobile friendliness and Page speed – Optimizing website for mobile friendliness is a good factor since most of the users are viewing pages from their cellphones or tablets. The faster it loads the larger volumes of users will stay and keep going on your website.

Secured Pages – Installing SSL certificate on websites gain trust from users who visit. It increases popularity and benefits on your search engine ranks.

7. .ME – Other than usual factors that help website in SEO, social engaging is one of the best elements to perform better on search engines. Most people are involved in social media and they choose this as their means of communication other than emails or text messages. Regular views and sharing of pages and posts on social media is the best thing to boost and increase your website ranking.

8. Scorpion – Your website has a lot of chances to appear on search results when you properly managed its pages. Google has a bunch of websites where you can compare yours and get ideas from. You can use different tools to get the highest page performing on search engines or what they call “Google’s Favorite”.

What are the things to consider when optimizing your website’s pages

1. Look for the high ranking pages using the search engine bars or Google Analytics.

2. Analyze those pages by knowing the age, categories or community and its content.

3. Get the most relevant keyword used on those pages to include in your own pages.

9. Digital Third Coast – You need to describe what your content is all about. Your page must say it all. Try to be more descriptive as possible so when the people go to your page, they can find what they are searching for and won’t leave your website. Supporting pages are also important. You can do it by putting a link on your keyword that supports information to other page in your website. From there, people will find your website useful and its like a complete package.

You can think of the 4 possible questions to have a descriptive content.

Know what people is looking in your website
Know what they should ask
Know the answer from their questions
Know why they are in your website

10. Trinity Insight – Focus on pages that has reallistic competition for productive keywords. Follow all the traditional ways for onpage seo like the page review, keyword research, meta description etc. Keep your page updated and put fresh content and your page will always show on google.

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