Keyword research and the master list

Keyword Research &Your Master Keyword List

When creating your content for your website, its always the keyword research that make your content valuable with the high chance of return. We always want the volume of traffic for our business so we will start to do the keyword research. However as we all know, it’s not enough to do the keyword research using the free tools offering online. It is important to find the right keywords to be used but it needs to have the content marketing. These two skills are the keys to make your SEO strategies become successful.

Focus on target keywords is the exact strategy you can do when optimizing for SEO. You would not only expect for those keyword results from your free tool you find on Google because they are limited. Sometimes you would wonder why those words you are expecting were not on the result list from the free tools. You can create your own keyword master list even without the use of those free keyword tools by targeting what your content really does. We start by brainstorming all of the ideas, typing in the data and finding specific terms like the use of long tail keywords related to our main niche.

After you created your keyword master list based on your content, you can now layout your strategies and marketing for your brand.

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