Keyword research for SM Marketing, A totally practical guide to keyword research + Tips on making a master keyword list


Keyword Research for Social Media Marketing

Creating your brand and promoting it on social media is like scheduling your post so it will automatically be shared to other platforms. However building a very nice content will help it to be more popular and viral as you wish on different platforms. Keyword research will always have a very important role in making your brand ranked on social media. There are many tools to use that are free to help you with.

Social media marketing should be integrated to your digital marketing. To do this, you should know the fundamental strategies. Always know what exactly your viewers or potential customers need. How would they benefit and make sure that you would know their possible questions which you can answer with confidence.

There are traditional keyword tools that are easy to use. They are free and with the same functions with the tools you are using for writing content. There are a few solid social media analytics tools that should be used by the whole marketing team, including, of course, social media managers.

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Ways to Speed up your Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important SEO strategies for your website. A lot of tools offering online for free and most of them are probably have been tried by the experts. Whether you are a beginner in SEO, keyword research is the very first thing you should when starting your business online.

Different tools like Ubersuggest and Google trends were just a few tools which you can try for free. You don not need to spend much money with these tools but if you are planning to keep your brand on the internet, its the paid tools in which you can purchase for a minimum cost and help speed up your research. However, you should choose the best tool which can give you the best results. Discovering how to use the proper keywords for your content will help your website rank on Google.

Using Ubersuggest and typing in your keywords on the search bar will give you the list of most common used keywords related to the word you typed in. Google trends also help you see the related keywords which are the people’s most common questions. Google search console can give you data around your website. The last thing you can use is Ahrefs helps you see the number of organic keywords that ranks using your given keywords.

These are the common ways which can help your keyword research faster.

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Keyword Research &Your Master Keyword List

When creating your content for your website, its always the keyword research that make your content valuable with the high chance of return. We always want SEO traffic for our business so we will start to do the keyword research. However as we all know, its not enough to do the keyword research using the free tools offering online. It is important to focus on the keywords to be used but it needs to have the content marketing. So these two skills are the keys to make your SEO strategies become successful.

Focusing on content when targeting your keywords is the exact strategy that you can do when optimizing for SEO. You would not only expect for those keyword results from the free keyword tools because they are limited. Sometimes you would wonder why aren’t those words that you are expecting were not on the list showing on the results from the free tools. You can create your own keyword master list even without the use of those free keyword tools by targeting what your content really does. We start by brainstorming all of the ideas and intent phrases relevant to our main niche.

After you created your keyword master list based on your content, you can now layout your strategies and marketing for your brand.

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Marketing Holidays

Ever thought about spending holidays? With that in mind there’s only one thing that makes us excited, its vacation right? During holidays most people are doing their things that make them relax. Go out with friends, handling their phones for browsing, doing some research and all about surfing the internet. It usually happens the night before the vacation in most parts of the world so the volume of traffic is really high. Marketing is the best for all the business owners during this season.

Social media, content marketing with hashtags are the most appropriated posts for the business brands. You need to see to it that you use those keywords that matches the users searches. How were you able to do it? First you go to social media platforms and forums were most people are talking about and see what things they most likely to talk about. You can ride on the flow of the most viral terms within your categories. That way, you can see from there what people likes and dislikes, so you can prepare it for your own brand. Start to create content for your brand and share them to different platforms.

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Keyword Research: A practical guide

It is important that when you are starting your business, keyword research is the first you should not miss. Especially if you are planning to create your website content, it is the major factor to every strategy. However the excessive use of keywords may harm your SEO. So be careful on using those terms and make the proper guide on doing this.

For your current website, it is necessary to define your website. Search engines would want to know about your brand, its content and what it can offer. Keyword analysis will help your website check the density and its current rankings on search engines. Another SEO audit is to check what keywords your competitors are using. It helps your website review your keywords the same way your competitors so you would know what else they are using that you might be missing. Even your top competitors used keywords are being listed on the results once you search for it. That way, you can even rank the same thing they do.

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