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The Big Question: The Struggle(s) with Keyword Research

Keyword research, SEO, and what helps us rank on the first page of search results is an ever-evolving process. We struggle to stay on Google’s top page so we can provide our users the quality content we can share and help them with their needs.

Whenever there are new businesses popping up on the internet, they always look for what strategies they are using to get them shown on search engines. They will also search for who they’re target user is, how to create quality content that target user will stick on them.

Most of the business will use almost same keywords depending on their category and you cannot limit the use of each keyword. When it seems like every keyword you can find is being explicitly targeted, it can be difficult to know where to

spend your time. Sometimes you would think that the correct keyword for your brand is not working the way you wanted, its because it needs to take time for it to rank. When everyone is using same keywords at the same time, It really needs to wait until the time your brand will show on search results.

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How to Link From Your Content to Build Leads and Connections

Linking your website creates trust and relationship with other businesses. However you need to be careful in linking your content. You must have to choose which ones have quality content and is related to your niche. How would you know if your website can be trusted? It is when some of your posts are being liked and shared by other accounts in social media. People can see your posts and will love to click on them when they see value onto it.

Creating a call to action will also help improve your content marketing. You can get people’s attention in encouraging or invitation words with “FREE” quotations in your posts. Also keep your links descriptive so people would know where they lead to once they hit the links. It also give them information or summary on the page they are linked. Social media taggings are very important when linking to your trusted sites. Influencers who are very active and responsive in social media would know that they are being referenced when you use taggings in your posts.

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Search Has Changed. Here’s How Your Content Needs to Evolve

Content is the body of your blog. Your content will be not only written words but must evolve as well. Social, video, and messaging apps now occupy a fair share of the content landscape. It can be shared to different platforms and can be in any kind. Your content cannot be shown by users without any search. This is how your post will rank.

Search can also be changed as time goes by. We need to be intelligent in creating our content so it can be easily found by users. Before search can be done by typing in keywords and the results will pop up on search bar.You were able to know what kind if restaurant you are being searched. Today, since people are all using the internet, competition is the element now. How your business will be able to survive among millions of competitors that shows on lists within your niche. Search has been changed. Your business must be on the top of the list. You can only do that by optimizing your content with the right keyword search.


Keyword Research Tools for Law Firm SEO

Keyword research is the most important element in SEO and a despair of success in pay per click. There are free keyword research tools online and you can only find what is right for you once it listed all the related keywords your brand could help in showing off in the search engines.

One of the best tools in keyword research and planning is the Google Keyword Planner which has quickly dominated the market. The user is able to see the results of a variety of useful statistics for each keyword such as the search volume, the quantity of average monthly searches, and the average cost per click. Another one is Ubersuggest which is considered to be one of the best options outside of Google Keyword Planner. It is very easy to use for it quickly allows you to search for specific and newer keywords that may not yet appear in Google Keyword Planner.

Helping your business to easily appear online can be done with these best tools. Keyword research is more ideal than getting PPC for your business because of it organic results for traffic towards your business. It is better to get some paid tools online that will make sure of your real target customers.


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